Each year Miami hosts a swimwear fashion show, which is the ultimate for current and aspiring swimwear designers and manufacturers. As a consequence, what you see at Miami, is what you’ll be seeing beaches worldwide in 2020.

So what to expect:

 1. Strapless is out, but one-shouldered swimsuits are in. 

Whether they be stunning white or cool black, the one-shouldered look which started earlier in the season seems to have thoroughly blossomed. Expect to see on-shouldered strap swimsuits by the hundreds at the beaches near you, and this super-sleek look is so great you won’t mind many others are following suit.

 2. Sustainable is in 

Many designers are jumping on the sustainable Econyl, bandwagon. Econyl is a type of nylon made from synthetic nylon waste. So the product not only looks good but is friendly to the environment, particularly the ocean.

Sliced, sewn and embroidered, econyl swimsuits are in different shades, from white to pink, by often mimicking the earth-toned inspired shades of browns and blacks which inspired the fabric.

 3. 80s Inspired Geometric Swimsuits 

Geometric patterns have been around for a long time, but these 80s inspired prints are experiencing a resurgence, and the great advantage of these multi-colored designs is that they extremely figure flattering, even for full-figured women. This is a great suit design to show up on the beach on, whether you are built like a fashion model or a soccer mom.

 4. Sarongs 

Out of fashion for quite some time, Sarongs, particularly mini-sarongs which show a little skin and then again hides some are picking up steam for 2020. Look for shades
of coral or soft turquoise to complement your bikini.

 5. Lurex 

This summer, particularly for those women in great shape, look for lots of Lurex bikinis, or one-pieces. Lurex is a patented fabric with a shiny metallic look, and particularly when combined in a subtle shade like violet, or rust gold offers a shimmering silhouette.

 6. LIVELY one-pieces. 

 LIVELY swimwear has two examples of stunning one-piece swimsuits, an absolutely stunning white and black sunblock design, and an equally sexy, mint and green v neck one-piece.

 7. Barely-there straps 

Who says straps have to be a distraction? Straps that are minimalistic, and don’t detract from the overall design of the swimsuit are another trend picking up steam.
They look great, and yes, they do provide the necessary level of support required for
fuller-figured women.

 8. Swimsuits for the fuller woman 

Speaking of fuller-figured women, they will be happy to note that many designers are now embracing making their swimsuits in larger sizes, not simply suits designed for size 2 or 3 bodies. Want to look even slimmer. Look at dark blues and darker colors, together with muted animal prints.

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