Briefs or Boxers? What Choice Is Best For You?            

Briefs and boxers are great choices for men who want to feel comfortable and confident in their underwear. However, briefs and boxers fit differently and each style provides its own benefits. What you wear underneath your clothes can impact the way you feel. Your level of comfort throughout the day can directly impact your confidence and attitude. Men should consider which style is best for their body type and clothing choices.

So how do you choose? Read on to learn more about the benefits of briefs and boxers to choose the perfect style for you.


The brief is a comfortable yet tight underwear style. This style offers support and can easily fit under any outfit. Skinny and slim jeans or pants work well with briefs as do shorter shorts and exercise gear. The brief is an everyday underwear choice, but does not offer the full coverage that the boxer or boxer-brief style offers. The brief is cut at the top of the thigh so the inside of your leg and your upper thigh will both be visible. This style covers the butt fully, but primarily covers the package in front. If you prefer more coverage, this style will be disappointing. However, we always recommend that men own at least one pair of briefs because of their versatility to fit with any short or pant style.


The boxer is a comfortable and relaxed underwear style. This is the most open style and will not cling to your body. This style is breathable and includes an open fly. Boxers are perfect for longer shorts, relaxed-fit jeans and relaxed-fit pants. Boxers are not a great choice for slim jeans or tight-legged pants.There is also no support for working out. Many men enjoy the boxer style on lazy days or to pair with their favorite sweatpants.

Boxer-Brief Mix

The boxer-brief is a mix between boxers and briefs. This style fits tightly to your body the same way a brief would but is longer than a brief. The boxer-brief comes one third of the way down your thigh. This style is best for men who want the full coverage of a boxer style, but need something more tight-fitting. Many men use a boxer-brief during workouts because the tight fit avoids chafing and the length provides greater comfort during hardcore workouts.

Dual Collection

Regardless of your body type or clothing style, we recommend building a dual collection of underwear that includes both briefs and boxers. Having two styles of underwear gives you flexibility when choosing what to wear for the day. The underwear that you wear to the gym is often different than the underwear you might want to wear under a suit. Giving yourself options is a great way to make sure you can always match your underwear to your clothing and activity.

Choosing between briefs and boxers can be daunting but there is room for both styles in your personal underwear collection. Consider your body type and outfit choices before choosing your underwear for the day.

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