Is there a right way to iron your clothes?

Ironing is my least favourite household task. I would much rather be hoovering the floor or washing up than standing for what seems hours on end ironing clothes. But I do ha to admit that the Farah Shirts I bought my partner from E J Menswear look amazing when they have been freshly pressed.

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Did you know there are a number of things that you should do to ensure that you get the best out of your iron and have your clothes looking smart? The simplest start is to make sure that your ironing board is set up correctly and standing straight as well as any cover, you have over the board settled flat so that you don’t have any creases or bumps in the material when you pass the iron over the top of it. You should also make sure that the base of our iron is clean to make sure that you are putting any oil, grease or other items onto the garment as you iron it. You should also check the garments before you run the iron over them in case there are any stains that have not been removed during washing. If you apply heat to any stains on fabrics, you will find that they become set into the fibres, and it becomes harder to remove them.

Each fabric type will require a different heat setting and you can ruin some fabrics by having the temperature on too high. It is always best to … Read More

Fine Watches and The Fine Deals for You

Perhaps for some of the things that we tell you in this article, a watch is a gift that, without a doubt, is always received with pleasure and shows the interest to please of those who choose a watch as “the chosen one” as a gift to offer to another person.

With other types of gifts, which we all surely have in mind, we can give the impression of having chosen it, as they say “to get out of the way”, although this has not been the intention. Now let us have a clearer view in the subject and find the solutions.In short, a watch is always an object wrapped in a certain halo of majesty that always gives a good image of who gives it. In My Gift Stop watches you will be having the perfect options now.

Man?, Woman ?, Child ?, Girl ?, does not matter, there is for everyone.
  • Well yes it is, the watch is appropriate for any person, be it man, woman or child.
  • Fortunately, the watch industry today offers us a wide range of models of all types and for all ages.
  • This is one of the reasons why we have chosen the watch as our perfect gift.
  • And if you already have one?, It does not matter, there is a clock for every moment.
  • Far are the times in which we stopped having our watch, to happen to have our watches.

And, fortunately, the great offer that currently exists of watches has … Read More

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

If you aren’t a world traveler then it can be difficult to know what type of gift a traveler would like to receive. If this sound familiar, the following is a list of great ideas which can help!

Wireless Headphones

If there is one thing which every traveler knows it’s that the fewer cords you can carry with you, the better. Why? Because travelers have to carry everything with them in one bag, which means lots of cables and cords which can easily become tabled and make it a nightmare to try and search through in the limited spaces of airports and airplane seats.

To avoid this, a great pair of wireless headphones is the perfect gift for a frequent traveler. When it comes to the brand. Let your budget decide, choosing the offering with the most battery life for your dollar. If possible, look for ones which also incorporate some type of noise cancelation to help drown out the sound of any crying babies on a long-haul flight.

High-Quality Sunglasses

One of the most commonly broken items for a traveler is their sunglasses. Not because they are reckless with them, but mostly because they bought a cheap pair so that they could travel more! A great pair of high-quality sunglasses is a wonderful option for a traveler and can help to keep them both stylish and protected from the sun as they travel. If you aren’t sure which style the recipient would like, don’t be afraid to get … Read More

Totally Adorable Layered Bob Haircuts with A Brilliant Burst of Color

Layered bob hairstyles with a pop of color are where it’s at these days! Long gone are the days of boring short hairstyles for women.

Why a layered bob? Well, there are many reasons. If you have thinner or fine hair, a layered haircut will add more life to your hair. As your hair gets longer, thin and fine hair tends to lose its life and luster and a layered bob can add a lot of volume and remove the dead ends that are sucking the life out of your hair.

And if you have thicker hair, you will notice that it the longer it gets, the harder it becomes to manage, right? Well, a short layered bob can help remove some of that dead weight from your hair and make it look shiny and healthy once again.

Plus, if you love to color your hair, a layered bob gives you so many options! From balayage to ombre to highlights, there are so many fun looks for hair color!

Here are some more reasons to get a layered bob:

  1. Low Maintenance
  2. Trendy
  3. Voluminous
  4. Flattering
  5. Cooler for Summer Days

Think you are ready to trim those tresses and opt for a trendy and chic layered bob? We think it’s high time you treat yourself to a sexy new look. Check out some of our favorite looks for layered bob hairstyles and don’t forget to pin your favorites to show your hairstylist when you are ready to show off your sultry … Read More

10 Alluring And Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles You Will Just Love

Medium length hairstyles the best choice for those who want a new look for their longer hair but don’t want to lose a lot of length. As such, they are also easy to style. And you still have the ability to choose to wear your hair in an updo or long and loose.

Medium length hair is very popular these days. More women are opting for mid length styles as it gives them more versatility. Another good thing about mid length locks is that you have plenty of options for color effects, from bright and vibrant shades to soft and subtle ombres the possibilities are limitless.

Check out our latest selection of the most popular medium hairstyles. Don’t forget to pin your favorites!

10 Medium Length Hairstyles for a Modern Look

1. Sleek and Sexy Mid Length Lilac Bob

Pastel hair color is all the rage this year and this gorgeous lilac is no exception. the soft shimmery tones are almost iridescent. The straight, sleek cut is very sexy and sophisticated if you want a classic cut with a modern twist and an ethereal burst of color..

1.Sleek and Sexy Mid Length Lilac Bob

2. Messy Brunette Ombre

The pretty dark brown and caramel ombre fade in this shoulder-length cut is great if you want to add some dimension to your tresses. The messy, bedhead look is always in style and gives this sassy hairdo a “come hither” look if you are trying to catch someone’s eye.The slightly shaggy layers add volume to this fun and … Read More