For all those with thin hair, you know the drill for hair care.  Shampoo at least every other day and condition with a light formula.  Use a dry shampoo at night for more texture and volume in the morning.  But what about the best cut for thin hair?  There are so many short hairstyles for fine hair, ranging from a simple bob to a stylish mohawk.

When it’s time for a fresh look and a confidence boost, take a look at the wide array of short cuts and styles that work great for fine hair.

Classic Styles and Creative Variations

  1. The Simple Bob
    This style suits fine hair and can be worn sleek or shaggy, curly or wavy, with so many more variations. Choose one that works with your personality and stop fighting with your fine hair.  The Simple Bob has hair about jaw length and is very popular with its low maintenance elegance.
  1. Voluminous Bob
    For a fuller bob, add volume and bounce to your fine hair with some texturizing.  Keep your bangs long for extra movement.  A Blunt Bob gives you a sleek appearance of all one layer.
  1. Wavy, Curly Bob
    Waves can add elegance to your Bob and take you from morning till night.  Finger Waves will dress up a bob that has few or no layers.  If you have natural waves, show them off by adding some subtle layers for shape and definition.
  1. The Bob Unleashed
    The asymmetrical bob cut slightly longer on one side than the other for a more daring look. An angled Bob brings shorter hair in back and longer hair in front to draw attention to your face.  The a-line bob has a smoother, textured appearance with longer pieces in front.

  1. Versatile Mohawk
    Soft or aggressive, the mohawk with short sides and back and a long, distinctive strip gives you tons of styling options.
  1. The Classic Pixie
    Cut short on the sides and longer hair on top, there are many variables of this popular style that work great with fine hair.  Super short or longer, layers or not, the pixie with its stylish charm looks great and can be dressed up or down for wherever you go.
  1. Feminine Pixie
    Super short cut with longer hair on top to create a smooth shape.  Swish the top layers to the side for a sleeker look.
  1. Swept Back Pixie
    Get this sharp and sophisticated look with longer bangs and sides and shorter in the back.  Sweep back your bangs for a full, edgy look on the classic pixie.
  1. Ultra-Short Pixie
    This dramatic style with shaved sides and a bit of length on top for depth gives you a super easy style with little to no maintenance.
  1. Angles and Undercuts for the Pixie
    An angled pixie tapers from shorter in back to longer in front, which draws the eye forward.  A stacked pixie style or undercut gives your cut great volume and body.
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