We’re used to reaching for the sparkly and sequined for those big night outs and extra special occasions, but would you consider adding a little more glitz to your day look? There are a number of ways to add some sequins to your wardrobe staples without overwhelming your look.

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There are a number of ways to incorporate sequins into a smart and chic trouser look. A simple sequin belt with a bright jumpsuit or plain trouser adds a little bling without taking over and can easily be incorporated into your daytime or work look. Alternatively, a full embellished pant shouldn’t feel scary either. According to Cosmopolitan, the trophy trouser is a must have for any wardrobe as a practical and fashionable alternative to the party dress. Pairing with a simple t-shirt and trainer will ensure you tick the box for both glamour and comfort.


Pairing a bold print skirt with a sequined top may feel daunting, but it’s the perfect way to make a real statement and look stylish. If you’re still not quite convinced, a matte sequin is a great way to benefit from sparkle without too much glitz and shine. When it’s paired with a patterned skirt and a smart blazer, you’ll create an eye-catching look for all the right reasons.

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Full sequin dresses are something most of us are familiar with for grand events, and we’re often used to seeing a bit of sparkle on party dresses, but it’s still an area where people worry about going too over the top with shimmer. For big occasions and evenings, a full sequin gown can easily be worn with a statement necklace and bold jacket to add some real drama to your outfit. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to embrace a full sequin look just yet, taking one of your summer dresses and adding sequin in the accessories will help you stand out. Whatever style of summer dress you choose, and there are plenty available from www.axparis.com/collections/summer-dresses, adding a sequin pump and a statement sparkly necklace or bracelet will add some real glitz to your summer look.

Whether it’s for the office, a day out with friends or a glamorous evening occasion, there are certainly plenty of ways to wear sequins after 40 and still look stylish.

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